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Olsen Design has since 1997 been assisting our clients with naval architecture and marine engineering.

We do yacht designs, parts, fittings - all-inclusive concept until the final project is ready for production.

Our target is to design elegant and safe solutions, which fulfill demands and requirements from customers and the industry.

We do our designs and constructions in various 3D CAD systems. Our 3D models are modified and balanced by the use of hydrostatic prediction programs, stability programs, and finite element calculations.

Finally, each part and assembly are described in true scale for the production.

Plugsmodels are sent to milling centers and steel parts are sent to contour cutting.

We are the technical staff you might not  have 

- but need.

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3D Design

Mechanical construction and design


Strain gauge measurement

Measurement of forces and tension directly on subjects.
Up to 16 measurement points,
3000 times a second.

Structural design

Steel or aluminum construction. 
Including accompanying documentation for regulatory approval - e.g. Lloyds, DNV-GL and maritime authority.

Screenshot 2020-03-21 at 18.06.45.png
BRKTS-Forecasteledeck above for detail.J

Strength calculation

Classic strength calculation and Finite Element analysis.

Documentation for durability.

Stability calculation

Intact stability and damage stability.
Documentation for stability and balance ability of vessels.
- also if it sustains damage.


Naval architecture

Design and optimization of space and useability in yachts and ships.

The goal is to create the best possible vessel in cooperation with the client.

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Design and construction of cruising and performance trimarans

Quorning Boats

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